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One of the enjoyable and beneficial aspects of this project was working closely with a client who, because they had lived on the site, understood it and knew exactly how they wanted the accommodation to be arranged to make the most of sunlight, views and privacy.

The proposed high quality dwelling reflects our client's desire for a traditional home which offers a light, spacious, modern interior. The resultant design is of similar proportions and massing to its surrounding classic early-mid C19th and Edwardian neighbours with subtle links to some of the exciting new architecture of the 1900's.

As with all architecture which draws inspiration from past styles, we have tried to ensure that the design is not a pastiche but rather takes certain classic elements and design principles and work them into something original which fits well into the site. The building has a stately, conservative quality which is further enhanced by crafted detailing using oak, stone and brick, all of which will become more beautiful with age.




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